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Professional Flute, Piccolo, Oboe and English Horn service and repairs

Professional Flute, Piccolo, Oboe and English Horn service and repairs

Professional Flute, Piccolo, Oboe and English Horn service and repairsProfessional Flute, Piccolo, Oboe and English Horn service and repairs

Shipping Info

Not local to Victoria BC? No Problem ! We accept repairs from all over Canada!

Shipping your instrument away for repair work can feel intimidating for a lot of people.

Here's a guide to help make the process a little easier!

  • Schedule your appointment, then take a moment to fill out and print this Shipping Information Form, to include with your instrument.

  • Take any extra pencils and trinkets out of the case  before shipping. For flutes and piccolos, It is a good idea to leave the cleaning rod/tuning rod in the case if it's safe to do so. Leaving the tuning rod in the case allows me to see how *you* see your headjoint cork placement, which can be extremely helpful.

  • Make sure the instrument parts aren't rattling around in the case.  If the instrument has space to wiggle back and forth laterally, (end to end) you can fold up a few pieces of tissue paper, paper toweling etc and place them to help minimize the "wiggle".  Don't squish the instrument though! (Feel free to contact me for additional information on how to stabilize an instrument in a case that's become a bit "loose")

  • Add a piece of paper with your: name, number, and email in the case itself...because it's always good to have your contact information "right there" (versus just written on the shipping box)

  • Use a sturdy box that provides enough space for 2 inches (5 cms)  for padding material on all sides. Wrap the instrument well and make sure that the top, bottom, sides and ends are all well insulated from the box edge. Bubble wrap, paper etc is preferred to "peanuts" which can shift in transit.

  • Re-using/recycling boxes is wonderful - but please take a few moments to thoroughly cross out or place a label/piece of paper over any previous shipping information! 

  • Specific Instrument insurance is something every musician with an instrument over $1000 should have.  In Canada there are a few companies to choose from. For National Flute Association members, there is a discount on insurance from Anderson Group that makes it extremely affordable. Regardless of whatever insurance you have, please make  sure your instrument insurance covers shipping/transportation.  (A year of instrument insurance is often less than the cost of insuring your package one way!) . 

  • If you would like Kimberley Jurens Woodwind Repairs to create a shipping label for you (and bill the shipping on your service invoice) - please provide your: full name, mailing address (not a PO Box), phone number, email as well as the approximate height/width/length and weight of the package.

*Kimberley Jurens Woodwind Repairs is a fully licensed and insured business, however we cannot accept responsibility for covering loss/theft/damage of instruments during shipping.

(As a note - in +25 years of repairs, I've never had an issue with shipping a client's instrument)

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No compensation has been given to KJWR for the promotion of Anderson Group