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Used instruments for sale (by owners)

From time to time flute owners will ask if KJWR will hold on to an instrument they're hoping to find a new home for.  

Below are instruments currently available for trial at KJWR, that are being sold by their owners. 

KJWR is not connected to these sales in anyway, aside from providing a bit of free advertising.

Instruments which have been overhauled or COA'd at KJWR will of course carry the standard warranties for those services.

If you'd like to set up an appointment to look at and play these instruments, please contact KJWR to schedule an appointment.

Flutemakers Guild (overhauled)

For sale by owner.

Newly overhauled by KJWR with stabilizers and felt pads for quick response!

Includes a new case (original case also included). 

Mateki Flute (as is)

For sale by owner. 

 Would be playable with a COA, but requires a overhaul to truly make this instrument shine.

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