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Professional Flute and Piccolo Repair Specialist



What is an overhaul?

An overhaul involves the complete disassembly and reconditioning of the instrument. 

All pads, regulation material kicker/foot materials, corks etc are removed.
The instrument is completely cleaned*, and lightly hand polished (unless otherwise requested).
The mechanism is refit to remove lateral/ 'side to side' play, and hinge rods/steels are cleaned to remove any scratches or rust.  Key cups and toneholes are checked for level and addressed if needed using only manufacturer approved techniques.

All new stabilizers (if used), pads, shims, regulation material, kicker material, corks etc are correctly installed and then the instrument is "played in" for a number of hours to "settle" the new materials.

*Wooden bodies and heads are oiled. We use manufacturer recommended, natural, peanut and nut-free oils for oiling. If you have any food allergies, please make sure this is noted with us!

Flute and Piccolo Overhaul Pricing

All prices in Canadian dollars. taxes not included. prices subject to change.